Accredited Partner Program

Are you an ex-business owner or executive looking for a new career?

Do you have an accountancy business and you want to expand the practice into advisory services?

maus accredited partner program

Would you like to receive a free report by completing a 7-minute questionnaire that will help you discover where you are at right now?

maus accredited partner program

Receive Your Free Report

The 7-minute questionnaire will give you a score out of 100 and provide you with a detailed checklist and action items on what you will need to do to build a successful practice.

What is the Accredited Partner Program?

The accreditation course is a complete program for people who want to start a consulting practice from scratch and those who are looking to accelerate the growth of their existing professional services business.

The program uses leading technology and systems that build recurring client revenue. Help clients to take their business to the next level with the proven 7-step coaching program methodology as part of your client engagement.

Streamline your consultancy practice with a complete starter training kit to help you build a successful consultancy business.

The accreditation program is a 'consultancy business in a box' with turnkey systems that includes all the tools and training allowing you to start providing a profitable client's advisory engagement.

accredited partner program

Are you looking for new ways to transform your advisory practice or you want to become a consultant?

Watch the video to find out how you can start a business advisory practice using MAUS' turnkey solution to set-up a consulting business instantly with full ongoing training and support. You will receive a simple and easy to use (end-to-end) all-in-one award-winning cloud-based software for your business advisory and consulting practice.

Do you want to become a business consultant or business coach?

As an Accredited Partner, you will receive the license as a training provider for the Your Business Success Coaching Program. You can use the framework within the Your Business Success Program to deliver your consulting services and provide training as one-on-one coaching and facilitated group sessions.
maus your business success program
maus your business success program
maus your business success program

Benefits of Accredited Partner Program

As an Accredited Partner, you will receive the Certified Business Advisor course to become a certified business advisor with a globally recognised organisation, Institute of Advisors.
accredited partner program
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Xero Integration

The MAUS software range has been supplied to business advisors, accountants and financial professionals for over 20 years.

MAUS is recognised as the global standard in strategic, business and operational planning having delivered the platform to more than 60,000 businesses and for over 10,000 advisors with software and support in over a dozen countries.

MAUS integrates seamlessly with Xero accounting software, allowing advisors, consultants and accountants to capture real time client data and provide profitable business advisory services.

maus and xero

About MAUS Business Advisory Software

MAUS provides a range of integrated consulting tools in one interactive cloud-based platform.

Quickly and easily analyse and monitor your clients' business.

It gives consultants a structured workflow to use when engaging with clients from initial engagement including ongoing client management.

The business systems software is completely customisable providing you one platform for all your consulting needs.

MAUS Hub All-In-One simple and easy to use cloud-based software for small to medium-sized businesses

MAUS is trusted by over 60,000 businesses in over 55 countries across over 230 countries.
maus business systems

Free Business Coaching and Consulting eBook

Do you want to discover how to start a highly profitable and successful business coaching, advisory and consulting practice?

The Business Coaching and Consulting eBook provides some tips that MAUS has developed for over 20 years. It is a useful business guide to prevent you from re-inventing the wheel. It provides some ideas on how to build a profitable and successful business coaching, advisory and consulting practice. The eBook outlines what is trending including some of the profitable niches.

Business Coaching and Consulting eBook


Accredited Partner Program Testimonial
Accredited Partner Program Testimonial
Accredited Partner Program Testimonial
Accredited Partner Program Testimonial
Institute of Public Accountants
Certified Professional Business Advisor
Institute of Advisors
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Maus Accredited Partner

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