About Dynamic Zenergy

dynamic zenergy, maus certified advisor

Dynamic Zenergy provides business advisory consulting services specialising in business planning, building business value, profit maximisation and exit and succession planning.

We provide our services by utilising a wide range of MAUS tools and resources to achieve your desired outcomes.

We also offer outsourcing services through our partnership with outsourcing services (BPO) provider to help in streamlining business processes and systemising businesses to survive and thrive by leveraging your time through the use of Virtual Assistants.

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Our mission is to help in accelerating the growth of small to medium-sized organisations by empowering company's owners and managers to effectively implement their business plan to maximise return on exit planning.

dynamic zenergy

We are a part of an international group of over 10,000 advisors that help small to medium-sized firms accelerate their business growth by leveraging the power of systems automation and process transformation.

We partner with organisations in building high-performance businesses by cultivating best practices.

Our value-based services utilises MAUS proven training and process methodologies and leverage the award-winning cloud-based MAUS software that have been developed for over 20 years and trusted by over 60,000 businesses across over 55 countries in over 230 different industries.


We use a tried and proven methodology to take your business from:

Good to Better to Best

...your business success pathway

An Award Winning Platform

Designed to take your business from:

Good to Better to Best

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MAUS software is trusted by industry leaders

And it will work for your business!

The software and business systems have been used in over 30 universities and training institutions.

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Our Charity Partners

We hope you will join us to start making even more of a difference. Our work is our passion. We are grateful for being fortunate to be doing something we love. We think it is only right to give back to the community by supporting good causes, great people and inspiring ideas.

We support them with donations of money, lending our experience or expertise and on many occasions, we give our time which is the most valuable gift of all. We are sharing our passion to help and serve others as you may find something within these charities that may inspire you too.

We have been donating a portion of our profits to charities. Purchase from you allows us to donate to the charities outlined in our charity partner videos. When you donate directly to our charity partners please kindly inform us so we can personally thank you and acknowledge your generous support.

Click on the button below for the video playlist that provides an overview of our four different charity partners.

Plumtree Children's Services Ltd

The video shown below is about one of our charity partners, Plumtree Children's Services Ltd formerly known as Pathways Early Childhood Intervention Inc. It is an overview as to how the CEO of Dynamic Zenergy became a volunteer at Plumtree over 10 years ago as Treasurer and Board Member.

Plumtree is a not-for-profit organisation, providing support for young children aged birth to 8 years old with a developmental delay or disability and their families so they can have a full life in the community.

We are supporting Plumtree's sensory bus fundraising appeal to help with the ongoing costs such as hiring a driver, garage fee, repairs, maintenance and other running costs. We want to help to keep the bus on the road to provide the much-needed service to children and their families so they can participate actively in their local community. We hope you will join us to start making even more of a difference.

Plumtree Sensory Bus Appeal
Plumtree Sensory Bus Appeal

Dynamic Zenergy CEO's Story

This video is an overview of how Melinda Stevenson, the CEO of Dynamic Zenergy became a volunteer at Plumtree over 10 years ago as a Treasurer and Board Member. It outlines how Melinda has been instrumental in achieving Plumtree's business growth strategies over the years.

Melinda has been nominated by Plumtree for the Commonwealth Bank Not-for-Profit Treasurers' Awards under the Not-for-Profit Treasurer of the Year category from 2016 to 2018 as recognition for her outstanding contribution to the organisation.

Here is Melinda's story as to why she is passionate about helping not-for-profit organisations and SMEs.

I helped Plumtree to grow where their main income came mostly from government grants and they had a 6-figure income when I started helping them over 10 years ago. Fast forward to 2021, their income has grown to over $4 million with multiple income sources and an overseas presence.

If I can help a not-for-profit organisation to survive and thrive with the challenges of reducing government grants, reducing public (corporate) donations, and with the increasing competition due to the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), I know I can help SMEs to grow, survive and thrive and maximise return on exit to avoid becoming part of the statistics.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 300,000 small businesses are launched in Australia every year. Out of all the new small businesses launched, about 50% fail within 3 years so I help bridge the 50% gap.

With my corporate sector accounting background, and business process and system improvement expertise and my strong desire to make a difference to the community, I am passionate about helping not-for-profit organisations and SMEs to grow so that they can, in turn, provide the invaluable services to the communities they serve.

Our Other Charity Partners

Our three other charity partners are outlined below. Watch the videos to find out more about the different charitable organisations that we support and how you can support our charity partners if you wish to do so. When you support our charity partners, please kindly let us know so we can personally thank you for your generosity and invaluable support.

St Vincent's Hospital Sydney

Our Charity Partner is St Vincent's Hospital Sydney particularly, the Sacred Heart Palliative Care department. This video is an overview of the hospital that we support. Sacred Heart which is the palliative and aged care department of St. Vincent's Hospital Sydney is one of the recipients of our fundraising initiatives in memory of our uncle who passed away at Sacred Heart in June 2015.

Our donations will help the hospital deliver exceptional patient care, innovative medical research and provide clinical education. We hope you will join us to start making even more of a difference.

Today, St Vincent's consider it as a privileged to still work with Sisters of Charity who are the best fundraisers around to raise funds to support the mission of their hospitals, focus on providing the best in compassionate care to the poor and vulnerable. St Vincent's operated without government funding until the early 1940s.

It was run through generous community support and voluntary donations. There are various ways you can support St Vincent's Hospital Sydney.

Society of St. Paul (Saint Paul Seminary Foundation) in Cavite, Philippines

This is a video about St Paul Seminary Foundation. The operations of Saint Paul Seminary (SPS) is one of the activities of Saint Paul Seminary Foundation, Inc. (SPSFI).

The seminary facilities were enhanced by a revised curriculum which offered a four-year Liberal Arts course, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts, with majors in Philosophy and in Mass Communication. It received government recognition on 7th July 1993, exactly 58 years after the first Paulines came to the Philippines.

Our donations will go towards sponsoring post-high school education of people who otherwise might not be able to do any further studies after high school. We were inspired by Farther Norman Pena's story (he is featured in the video). It was through a woman's generosity who decided to sponsor his education that gave him the opportunity to pursue further studies at St. Paul Seminary.

As at 20th February 2021, Father Norman Pena is the Dean of St. Paul Seminary and he pursued continuing education by completing Doctorate in Communications. We hope you will join us to start making even more of a difference so that we could help more people like Father Norman Pena.

To support St. Paul Seminary Foundation, the donations can be deposited into their bank account in the Philippines and inform Father Norman Pena about your donations so he can organise for a receipt to be issued for your donations. If you want more information, please contact us.

Casa Dei Bambini San Giuseppe in Cavite, Philippines

The video is about Casa Dei Bambini San Giuseppe Inc. which provides an overview of the children's orphanage that we support.

Casa Dei Bambini San Giuseppe Inc. is the orphanage that the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Ragusa founded in Italy operates which provides adoption agency services.

Some of the children at the orphanage have been abandoned by their parents or children who have been abused by their parents so the government took them away from their parents and given to the care of the orphanage.

Our donations will help in completing the construction of the property that they are building to accommodate the children and to help in paying for utilities to be connected at the property such as electricity and so on. We hope you will join us to start making even more of a difference.

To support Casa Dei Bambini, the donations can be deposited into their bank account in the Philippines and inform Father Norman Pena about your donations so he can organise for a receipt to be issued for your donations. For more information, please contact us.