Dynamic Zenergy CEO - Featured on CPA Australia's Facebook Page on 1st April 2021

I am grateful to CPA Australia for providing more publicity for the not-for-profit organisation (Plumtree Children's Services) that I support for over 10 years as a Treasurer and Board Member. Plumtree provides support for young children aged birth to 8 years old with a developmental delay or disability and their families.

Gratefully appreciate CPA Australia's support in helping me increase awareness about Plumtree so that more children and their families can benefit from the invaluable services that they provide to the community in Australia and overseas.

On 1st April 2021, CPA Australia published the information about my career story on their Facebook page advertising the social networking platform (CPA Member Connect) for their members worldwide.

Click here for CPA Australia's Facebook post about my career story which was published on CPA Member Connect in January 2021. CPA Member Connect is the equivalent of LinkedIn for their members globally.

Cilck here to find out more about Plumtree Children's Services. I helped Plumtree to grow where their main income came mostly from government grants and they had a 6-figure income when I started helping them over 10 years ago.

By 2021, their income has grown to over $4 million with multiple income sources and an overseas presence. I helped Plumtree to survive and thrive despite the challenges of reducing government grants and reducing public (corporate) donations and with increasing competition due to the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

CPA Australia - Facebook Post on 1st April 2021

Click here for CPA Australia's Facebook post on 1st April 2021 about my career story .
CPA Australia Facebook Dynamic Zenergy CEO Career Story
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