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How To Grow A Business Fast Without Social Media

Posted by Melinda Stevenson on 8 December 2022

How can you grow your business brand without relying on social media?

Do you want to increase your brand exposure by being on multiple platforms without spending more time being there?

A female business owner embraced the concept of ditching social media drama by creating an anti-social strategy that allows her to build her business while managing her time looking after her young children. Her main goal was eventually to leave her corporate job without working 70 hours per week. With this corporate exit strategy in mind, she found a way to spend 30 minutes daily on social media on weekdays.

She achieved it by using content repurposing as her primary strategy. She focused on this approach by deciding that social media is not the primary driver for growing her business. She uses podcasting and email as other tools to reach her target audience and build her business, which eventually resulted in her leaving her corporate job.

Her strategy inspired the Dynamic Zenergy CEO to start her podcast channel Business Transformation with Dynamic Zenergy to pursue her mission to pay it forward by helping more business owners without geographical boundaries. Like her, the Dynamic Zenergy CEO also believes you can grow a business even though social media is not the primary driver of increasing brand awareness.


For example, you can use podcasting, a powerful tool, as shown in the above episode where the Dynamic Zenergy CEO interviewed David Jenyns, an Amazon bestseller and the author of SYSTEMology.

Since podcasting is one of the main ways to get more exposure for your brand and business. When you create a podcast, you can repurpose it in numerous ways that provide greater exposure for your business.

You can turn the podcast into a video or use the text to repurpose it, such as posting your podcast content on a blog, re-sharing it on social media, sharing it on emails, or doing a LinkedIn post.

You can do podcasting on a schedule that works for you, as you can do it at any time of day. Then you can repurpose the content where social media becomes the second step instead of the main focus of your business growth strategy.

When people want to look you up on social media, they can still find you, and they are going to learn more about your business and brand. However, you can build into your schedule a strategy that is not mainly dependent on social media.

Do you want to know how to use a podcast to grow your business fast?

Here are some tips regarding the four key areas where you can quickly grow your business through podcasting.

Tip 1.

Increasing the number of listeners through podcasting who are your potential customers can help you gain more trust by presenting helpful information. The podcast can help you gain more confidence from your target audience. You can use the podcast platform to prove yourself as an expert in a specific area where you can help your potential customers.

Tip 2.

You can use the podcast to help your business to grow in other areas by discussing topics that affect your potential customers. The podcast creates an opportunity to develop better relationships with your potential customers and build an engaging community with your target audience.

Tip 3.

You can use the podcast platform directory with specific keywords and descriptions to help potential customers find your brand. When people see your brand in the platform directory, it allows you to gain new listeners and grow your business by ensuring your podcast description answers the following four questions:

1.      Who is the podcast for based on your target audience to gain potential customers?

2.      What will people get from listening to your podcast?

3.      Who are you as you establish yourself as an expert in a specific area as people buy products from people they trust?

4.      What can your target audience expect from your podcast if you focus on helping your potential customers by presenting engaging and exciting content?

You can directly expand your brand by leveraging your podcast to increase your followers on various social media platforms and video channels. You can get more traffic to your website through blogs where you can expand on the topics you discuss in your podcast.

Tip 4.

You can use the podcast platform to increase customer conversion from your podcast listeners. The podcast provides your potential customers with greater exposure to your product. Using your podcast to train listeners to visit your website to learn more about your products, you're increasing their potential to buy something from you.

Do you want to increase your brand awareness, gets more business exposure, or need help getting your podcast started?

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