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Which Is The Best Accounting Software For Startups And Small Businesses?

Posted by Melinda Stevenson on 10 December 2022

What factors should a startup business consider when selecting accounting software?

You will have several immediate accounting needs when starting your new business. Accounting software for startups should be both simple and capable. It is best to start with a basic package that handles necessities such as bank feeds, Business Activity Statements (BAS) and invoicing.

When an organisation is rapidly expanding, it is prudent to consider its scalability. Other system functionalities such as payroll, timesheets, expense tracking, and inventory management may be required as your company grows.

Reckon One accounting software allows you to add and remove modules as needed, making it the ideal accounting software for startups.


Is accounting software essential for a new startup business?

Accounting software is critical for any new business. You don't want to launch a new company with an Excel spreadsheet. Accounting and bookkeeping software reduces the possibility of errors and helps you with compliance, such as meeting your GST reporting obligations with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Set yourself up for success from the start. As your company grows, your accounting responsibilities will become more complex. Attempting to implement accounting software later may result in costly headaches, such as migrating your data from your previous system to another application. That's why it's helpful to implement accounting software early in your startup journey.

Can I use affordable accounting software that keeps my startup business nimble?

Startups require low-cost accounting software as well as the ability to be agile. A lean operating budget is a common characteristic of any startup. As you undertake the costly tasks involved in starting a business from scratch, your initial capital will be stretched thin.

Look for budget-friendly accounting software options that can be turned on and off as needed without sacrificing quality or functionality. Reckon One is one of the market's most affordable, full-featured accounting tools.

Agility is a critical factor for most startups. Operating from anywhere on any device is essential to remain agile and effective. Accounting software tied to a desktop is the last thing a startup needs.

With Reckon One in the cloud, you'll be able to handle your accounting needs at any time and from any location, all from your phone or laptop.

Can I use scalable accounting software to support a growing startup business?

Accounting software is essential for the success of a new business. Starting a new business will put any entrepreneur under pressure.

Startup companies don't have time to waste on accounting when they already have a lot of work and a business vision to pursue. Startup organisations, too, want a solution that can start small and grow with them.

Clint Jensen of 3D Able, a startup that uses 3D printing to create custom athletic footwear and prosthetics, was in this situation. Clint uses Reckon to handle his bookkeeping and grow his business to focus on his passion.

How is scalable accounting software beneficial to help a growing company?

Clint Jensen is an expert on athletic footwear. He's an expert in making and designing ice skates, cycling cleats, and orthotics. He even contributed to the design of the ice skates worn by Australian speed skater Steven Bradbury during his historic 2002 Winter Olympic gold medal victory.

Clint was brainstorming new startup ideas with his business partner Richard Nizielski, an Olympian and an experienced shoe designer, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Clint couldn't get the concept of 3D printing as a new way to create custom athletic shoes and even prosthetics out of his head.

3D Able is now solely dedicated to designing and manufacturing custom speciality athletic footwear and prosthetics.

While building the business, Clint must ensure that he is financially secure and capable of handling a growing startup's bookkeeping and compliance requirements, such as receipt storage, expenses, BAS, and ATO compliance.


Want affordable and easy-to-use accounting software?

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