Certified Business Advisor (CBA) Program

Who is the Certified Business Advisor Program for?

Do you want to transition your career from corporate to building a consulting practice?

Do you have an existing professional service business and want to expand into a business advisory practice?

To build a successful business advisory practice or set-up a business consulting or coaching practice you need the credibility and the education.

certified business advisor program

What is the Certified Business Advisor Program?

About Peter Hickey (Founder of MAUS and President, Institute of Advisors)

Peter Hickey Certified Business Advisor

Do you want to know how you can build, scale and grow an advisory practice?

In the video shown below, 'Keys To CBA Course' Peter Hickey (Founder of MAUS and President, Institute of Advisors) outlines the keys to the course on how you can build a successful business advisory practice.

Source: Institute of Advisors and MAUS

Do you want to know how you can build, scale and grow a business advisory practice?

Watch the video as Peter Hickey reveals the important ways on how to become a successful business advisor and consultant.

The Certified Business Advisor Program is the industry-leading education and certification course for business consultants, advisors and coaches who want to build a professional service practice and leverage the power of software technology.
maus certified business advisor program

Program Details

What will you learn?

  • How to tap into the fastest growing advisory segment
  • How to avoid the no. 1 most common mistake advisors make
  • The easiest way to win a client
  • How to sell on value and what to charge
  • How to develop a referral base
  • How to create recurring revenue
  • A proven step-by-step methodology
  • How to automate scale and leverage your practice
  • How to drive regular client accountability meetings

What is included?

  • Access to the online learning course portal
  • 1-day workshop
  • Learn from world-class keynote advisors and speakers
  • Leveraging best in class technology
  • Complete client methodology
  • Marketing material to build your credibility

Benefits of Certified Business Advisor Program

certified business advisor program

Course Credits & CPD Points

The 6-week self-pace course is conducted by the Institute of Advisors, a registered training organisation and is accepted as a credit towards many professional bodies for CPD professional development purposes.

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About the Institute

The Institute of Advisors is a body representing professional Business Advisors around the world, founded in 2009 with the aim of raising the standards in Business Advisory services.

The Institute aims to empower professional Business Advisors around the world through certification and professional benchmarks & standards.

The Institute, in conjunction with industry leading partners and other association bodies around the world, have developed a set of methodologies and processes that every Business Advisor should follow.

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