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Business Planning

business planning guide

Why you should download this guide?

1. Fillable checklist on how to create an effective business plan.

2. Discover the tips when creating a business plan.

3. Discover the pitfalls you can avoid by having a business plan.

Business Survival

making your business survive

Why you should download this guide?

1. Discover the essential tips on how to improve your business survival.

2. Discover the helpful ways for your business to survive and thrive.

Business Resilience

business resilience

Why you should download this guide?

1. Discover how you can build a resilient business.

2. Discover the business financial benefits in implementing workplace resilience practices.

3. Discover how you can improve employee resilience in the workplace.

4. Discover why and how companies are developing business resilience organisational culture.

Business Funding

business funding guide

Why you should download this guide?

1. Discover the criteria that lenders used when assessing business funding application.

2. Discover the main indicators when you should obtain business funding.

3. Checklist to become better prepared when applying for business funding.

4. Checklist to review the finance health of your business.

Survive And Thrive In A Crisis 142-Page Workbook

Your Business Success Coaching Program (Free Training) By Peter Hickey, founder of MAUS & President, Institute of Advisors

How To Start a Highly Profitable and Successful Business Coaching, Advisory and Consulting Practice


Why you should download this workbook?

1. You are dealing with a major crisis or disaster.

2. You want to know how to deal with the crisis situation.

3. You want to discover process and strategies to effectively deal with the crisis.

4. You want the 24-step crisis management action plan guidance for your business recovery.
peter hickey

Why you should watch this free training video?

1. You want to discover how Peter Hickey started a business with no funds and no capital which he was able to grow into a multi-million dollar business and sold it to a multinational.

2. You want to discover the 3-secret formula to successfully grow a business.

3. You want to discover practical strategies to achieve business success.

Business Coaching and Consulting eBook

Why you should download this eBook?

1. Discover the reasons for failure as a business consultant or coach so that you know what you can do to avoid it.

2. Discover profitable niches and find out what is trending.

3. Discover some tips on how to create a successful practice.

4. Discover how you can start a practice overnight.

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