Human Resources Tools

Are you a new business or an already established growing business?

If you are looking to create or update documentation in your business, MAUS award-winning cloud-based platform will save you hours when creating and maintaining your company documentation.

human resource tools
human resource tools

HR Policies & Procedures

Easily create and maintain HR Policies & Procedures in one platform*

Do you want to create a manual from scratch or are you looking for a more efficient way to manage your existing manuals?

The MAUS HR Policies & Procedures software will help you to create your human resources policies and procedures in minutes.

The software provides you with the latest templates to create manuals and maintain it using the powerful cloud-based platform.

hr policies & procedures
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HR Profiler

Save time and money with your recruitment process and find the right candidate for you!

Hiring the appropriate staff could be the deciding factor whether your business succeeds or fails. If you employed a candidate that fails to deliver the results that you are hoping for, it could cost you money and it may also put unnecessary burden on yourself and other employees due to an underperforming staff.

The MAUS HR Profiler is designed to streamline the recruitment process, capitalise on the skills of existing staff and remove the barriers in identifying the right candidate for the job.

hr profiler tool
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Job Descriptions

Streamlines your recruitment process!

The MAUS Job Descriptions software will help you to streamline the recruitment process. Choose from over 3,800 sample templates available that have been created by industry experts to create, customise and export job descriptions.

Easily export the document and use it to effectively communicate the desired job competencies and role's responsibilities for the position.

Based on the chosen job description, the software automatically generates the relevant set of interview questions based on the position to help you in easily finding the right candidate.

job description tool
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Performance Reviews

Easily automate employee's performance reviews

Do you want to conduct regular performance reviews to maintain a happy, productive and motivated team?

The MAUS Performance Review software creates a personalised performance reviews in minutes.

Choose from dozens of available sample performance criteria which are important to your business operations and create customised staff competencies.

The software provides an invaluable insight about your employee's motivation and attitude towards yourself and other staff.

performance review tool
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30 day money back guarantee

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