Building Business Value Strategies

For Small-Medium Business Leaders

Do you need a business plan to raise capital, grow revenue and drive your staff's key performance indicators and monthly accountability meetings more effectively?

Research shows that all business owners know the value of having good strategic direction, but over 90% of business owners admit that they do not have an up to date business plan (source: MAUS).

MAUS Platform Benefits

Our solution offering includes generating reports ready for submission to any bank or investor. You can use it to set up staff's key performance indicators and communicate with your staff to help bring them on board to achieve your strategic business plan objectives.

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For Consultants & Advisors

Do you want to add business advisory services in your existing practice, grow your professional services practice's revenue streams and your client's business?

MAUS Software Benefits

We have a business planning process that makes it easier for consultants and advisors to prepare business plans, implementing accountability tools in driving recurring revenue streams and keeping your clients on track to achieve their business goals.

Our solution and software offer the ability to generate reports ready for submission to any bank or investor, and you can use them to communicate with your clients.

Our process helps you easily create business plans for clients through a simple set of questions to assist with your client engagements in determining their strengths, weaknesses, competitive advantages and strategic growth options.

The software tool creates a detailed action plan and milestones schedule to track your client's progress towards achieving their strategic goals.

The software tool allows task allocations for ease of staff delegations which increases accountability within your client's business and helps establish a regular monthly meeting that could be a source of recurring revenue for your organisation.

The easiest way to keep your clients on track is by creating a monthly reviews and coaching meetings ensuring your clients stay on track by continuously working towards executing what they set out in their business plan.

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Key Software Tool Features

  • Easy to use diagnostics tools to structure the client engagement.
  • Keep your clients accountable with a shared dashboard.
  • Ensuring all individuals remain accountable to the strategic direction of the organisation with automated tasks reminders and objectives are tracked within your client's software management portal.
  • Help you create strategic business plans for your clients and do it in a fraction of the time.
  • Have simple step-by-step wizards that automate the whole strategic planning process to develop, plan and implement your client's strategic objectives.
  • Have automated reporting feature to generate reports complete with financial and long-term forecasts ready for submission to any bank or investor and you can use it to communicate with your clients.
  • Build your recurring revenue by creating monthly review sessions with clients.
  • Expand your client base by running workshops and providing value-add programs.
  • Create cash flow, financial budgets, and 5 year forecasts reports in minutes.

Sample Software Tool Strategic Business Plan

Create budgets, forecasts and track milestones to help your clients scale their business, and grow to build the value of their organisation.
MAUS Business Systems
MAUS Business Systems

A key trait of a high-performing organisation is their effective use of technology and their focus on continuously driving efficiencies to achieve best practice in their business operations.

Our proven methodologies and award-winning cloud-based software tool can eliminate manual processes and key person risk in your organisation, increase data transparency among your teams and create more efficiencies within your business.

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