What Types Of Tasks And Services You Can Outsource To Virtual Assistants?

Overview of tasks and services that can you outsource to Virtual Assistants in the Philippines through our Outsourcing Partner

There are over 160 things you can outsource as outlined below. You can outsource various tasks so that you can free up some time to work on your business instead of working in your business to take your business to the next level.

By using our Outsourcing Partner's services, you can have your own business without feeling like you are in business by yourself. You can leverage your time by using virtual staff at a fraction of the cost as opposed to having your own full-time staff in Australia to help you grow your business.

General Administration Tasks You Can Outsource

1. Filtering emails and managing spam emails.
2. Building your client database such as updating the contact details in your Client Relationship Management (CRM) system.
3. Replying to customer service-related emails.
4. Sending greetings ecards, event invitations, etc.
5. Calendar management.
6. Appointment scheduling including everything from free trial classes to hair salon appointments.
7. Travel arrangements and planning.
8. Task management and reminder services.
9. Organising files in Dropbox and Google Drive.
10. Data entry in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
11. Creating and managing spreadsheets.
12. Preparing Powerpoint slides and keynote presentations.
13. PDF file conversions such as splitting and merging files.
14. Transcription of video and audio files.
15. Simple eBook layout and formatting.
16. Preparing meeting minutes.
17. Report creation.
18. Forms creation.
19. Document template creation.
20. Online research.
21. Data mining, database development and lead generation.
22. Blog publishing management.
23. Moderating blog comments.
24. Adding tags and images to blog posts.
25. Receptionist duties.
26. Voicemail checking.
27. Sending client invoices.
28. Basic bookkeeping (MYOB, Xero and Quickbooks)
29. Personal errands such as purchasing gifts online, etc.
30. Adjusting direct debit payments.
31. Project and task management between you and your team.
32. Preparation of training materials.
33. Training of new Virtual Staff.
34. Deadlines and deliverables tracking.
35. Social media management tasks.
36. Creating Facebook fan pages and groups.
37. Posting and scheduling Facebook posts.
38. Promoting Facebook pages.
39. Collating and interpreting Facebook insights.
40. Creating social media accounts.
41. Posting and managing an Instagram page.
42. Managing Pinterest account.
43. Create and manage LinkedIn account and profile.
44. Scheduling and tracking Pinterest pins.
45. Create and manage YouTube account.
46. Moderating YouTube comments.
47. Uploading videos on YouTube.
48. Answering enquiries and messages on all social media channels and profiles.
49. Create Slideshare presentations.
50. Uploading blogs and videos to other social sharing sites and social media channels.

Financial, Accounting and Business Advisory Services Tasks You Can Outsource

51. Set-up client files.
52. Add client to the accounting and business advisory software.
53. Prepare forms, documents, templates, etc. for client meetings.
54. Implementation of business advice.
55. Establish key performance indicators for monitoring regularly.
56. Prepare business analysis reports.
57. Prepare product enquiry forms and research.
58. Prepare product comparison reports.
59. Prepare insurance premium estimates and quotes using specific software.
60. Prepare application forms.
61. Download product documents.
62. Submit application forms.
63. Follow-up applications, insurance underwriting, etc.
64. Arrange continuous professional development seminars, etc.
65. Download and collate documents and other research.
66. Update and maintain client database.
67. Managing a prospects database in Client Relationship Management (CRM) system.
68. Managing a leads database in Client Relationship Management (CRM) system.
69. Other tasks as agreed by the relevant parties.

Bookkeeping Tasks You Can Outsource

70. Payroll processing.
71. Reconciling transactions.
72. Generate financial reports.
73. Generating Business Activity Statement.
74. Generating monthly reports.
75. Recording invoices in the accounting system.
76. Check and verify source documents such as invoices, receipts.
77. Manage accounts payable and accounts receivable.
78. Comply with relevant reporting requirements.
79. Assist with audits.

Graphic Design Tasks You Can Outsource

80. Designing logos, banners, icons, eBook covers.
81. Designing infographic images based on content provided.
82. Designing website pages and creating mock-ups.
83. Designing landing pages, sales pages and opt-in pages.
84. Basic video editing such as intros and outros based on raw footage.
85. Designing social media layouts.
86. Designing sales and marketing collaterals.

Marketing Tasks You Can Outsource

87. Content calendar creation.
88. Scheduling social media posting.
89. Process flow for multimedia tasks.
90. Facebook advertisement marketing.
91. Research certain topics.
92. Manage and update social media accounts.
93. Manage your blog and basic WordPress skills.
94. Set-up social media accounts.
95. LinkedIn management such as interacting with your audience.
96. Schedule a week worth of daily posts.
97. Promote new products.
98. Create a survey, feedback or promotion to engage with your audience.

Executive Assistant Tasks You Can Outsource

99. Email management and filtering spam emails.
100. Booking appointments with clients.
101. Calendar management.
102. File management.
103. Database building.
104. Hotel and flight bookings.
105. Taking meeting minutes.
106. Creating reports such as reports on weekly tasks, deliverables and sales.
107. Preparing slideshows and Powerpoint presentations.
108. Filter and reply to comments on your blogs.
109. Replying to support tickets.
110. Work with executives, internal and external clients.
111. Documenting meeting minutes.
112. Fixing schedules.
113. Preparing reports.
114. Organising documents.
115. Record keeping maintenance.

Administrative Assistant Tasks You Can Outsource

116. Organise and update all files.
117. Perform data entry tasks and create reports.
118. Monitor daily bank account activity using the internet and accounting system such as QuickBooks.
119. Preparing bank deposits and compiling data.
120. Creating Powerpoint presentations.
121. Updating and maintaining account records such as calculating expenses, revenue, preparing Profit and Loss report.
122. Perform a variety of administrative, clerical and basic finance tasks.
123. Updating records.
124. Preparing documents.
125. Basic financial analysis.
126. Implementing policies.

Accounting Assistant Tasks You Can Outsource

127. Assist Accountants and other finance professionals in creating and editing financial documents.
128. Organising the bookkeeping processes of the organisation.
129. Evaluating financial budgets and track expenses.
130. Draft and prepare reports for financial presentations.
131. Reconcile financial records such as incoming and outgoing funds.
132. Providing support to Accountants with basic bookkeeping and accounting tasks.
133. Reconcile bank records.
134. Draft financial documents.
135. Invoicing customers.
136. Collecting payments.
137. Clerical tasks such as processing and recording transactions.
138. Preparing reports and budgets.
139. Fielding communications with clients and vendors.
140. Fact-checking.
141. Filing.
142. Other duties as required.

Customer Service Manager Tasks You Can Outsource

143. Focusing on clients satisfaction.
144. Supervising and managing the customer service team.
145. Training new staff to provide high standards of customer service.
146. Handling customer enquiries and resolving customer complaints.
147. Oversee the customer service team functions.
148. Manage and train customer associates.
149. Set customer satisfaction goals and work with the team to meet its objectives.
150. Interact with customers, responding to their enquiries and guiding them to the appropriate service as required.
151. On-board new employees and train them based on your instructions and requirements.
152. Create and implement an effective customer loyalty program.

Financial Analyst Tasks You Can Outsource

153. Tracks the company's financial performance against the plan (budget).
154. Analyse business performance and market conditions to create forecasts.
155. Assist business owners and directors in making strategic decisions by providing periodic reports.
156. Provide analytical, forecasting, reporting and project support.
157. Produce monthly reports, key metrics, financial results and variance reporting.
158. Lead the annual budgeting and quarterly forecasting processes.
159. Identify opportunities for performance improvement across the organisation.
160. Maintain knowledge and keep abreast of new regulations or policies.
161. Develop models to assist with decision-making.

The list of tasks and services outlined above is only a sample of what your virtual staff can do for you through our Outsourcing Partner. The Virtual Staff's job description is fully customised to meet your specific business needs.

You can schedule your discovery call to find out how we can partner with you to ensure you get the right virtual staff for your business through our Outsourcing Partner.

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