Value and Exit Max Coaching Program

It is estimated that there are around 400 business owners exiting their business every hour across USA, United Kingdom and Australia, many of which will not achieve a successful exit. 

(source: MAUS)

Most business owners spend their time working in their business who end up spending little time working on how they would eventually exit their business.

They found themselves with limited options to achieve their exit objectives by being too late with their exit and succession planning due to their failure to properly plan for their transition and exit.

Strategy takes time and by rushing your exit, it reduces the options available to design and implement the most appropriate strategic exit.

According to Exit Planning Institute's President Chris Snider, 80%-90% of baby boomers' wealth is tied up in their business and 55% of all business exits are due to death, disability, bankruptcy, receivership, divorce, partnership dispute, liquidation and simply closing the doors.

(source: Institute of Public Accountants, NSW/ACT Public Practice Symposium April 2017)

Can you relate to these statistics and want to know how to build more value in your business to help fund the next phase of your life? Our Value and Exit Max Coaching Program has you covered.

Benefits of our Coaching Program

Do you want to increase the value of your business and prepare an exit plan?

We will work with your organisation on introducing proven worldwide systems that will improve the value of your business.

Together we will help you to develop and implement a plan to sell your business for more money.

Typically, we work with organisations with up to 200 employees and have an annual revenue (excluding GST) between $5m to $50m that wish to sell their business within 1-3 years' time.

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Program Outline

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Program Outcomes

We provide your business with a detailed review outlining your strengths and weaknesses.

This includes a detailed action plan and a monthly monitoring system which is linked to a plan to create more value.

value max program

Business Outcomes

  • Renewed enthusiasm in running the business as it is now linked to a higher purpose
  • Improved business value
  • Improved chance of selling the business
  • Improved systems and people management
  • Increase profit and revenue

A key trait of a high-performing organisation is their effective use of technology and their focus on continuously driving efficiencies to achieve best practice in their business operations.

Our proven methodologies and award-winning cloud-based software tool can eliminate manual processes and key person risk in your organisation, increase data transparency among your teams, and create more efficiencies within your company to help in maximising the potential sale value of your business as part of the exit and succession planning program.

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