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Tips on How to Grow a Small Business Fast

Posted by Melinda Stevenson on 11 December 2020

There are various ways to build a small business and grow it to become a much larger organisation. The 14 tips on how to grow a small business fast could help in accelerating the growth of your company to achieve your organisation's strategic goals.

The strategies outlined below could be beneficial whether you are a business owner who has recently started a new business venture or you want to give your business growth a boost.



1. Understand your customers better

It is important to understand your customers' needs so that you can develop products and services that meet their specific needs. You can better understand your customers' needs by providing personalise services and encourage them to provide you with some feedback.

2. Focus on customer experience

One of the ways you can differentiate your business so that you could stand out among your competitors is to ensure that you can offer excellent customer service. You can offer exceptional customer service by finding ways that allow you to go the extra mile for your customers whenever you can.

By going the extra mile, it will make the experience more memorable for your customers. They will remember your outstanding customer service. Besides, it also increases the chance of them referring you to other people.

As a small business, you can have the advantage of being more agile compared to much larger companies. To grow a business fast it depends on how well you can make current and potential new customers happy whenever they are dealing with your company.

It is important to be able to bring new and innovative products and services to your target market more quickly to develop and nurture long-term relationships with customers.

You may need to consider diversifying your product and service offerings to better meet the requirements of your target market based on your customers' changing needs. For example, by personalising the customer's experience can help in strengthening the relationships you have with your target market.

3. Focus on existing customers and new opportunities

It is beneficial to implement some strategies that allow you to nurture your existing customers by regularly keeping in contact with them. Some of the ways that you can maintain contact with customers are through a newsletter or social media.

For example, you can inform them whenever promotional offers become available.

You can consider promoting your organisation by being listed in business directories where people can search for relevant suppliers or service providers. For example, there are state governments and private companies that are looking to work with certain types of businesses.

By being listed in the business directories will help increase the chance of people finding your organisation when companies are searching for suppliers.

4. Boost customer satisfaction

To help in growing your business quickly, you can focus on providing a superior level of customer service. By exceeding your customers' expectations they are more likely to tell other people about your business.

When you go out of your way by offering some discounts for example, if a customer has a less satisfactory experience in dealing with your company it can help in building a strong brand presence with your target audience.

By following up on a client to ensure they are satisfied with your products and services can assist you in developing a strong reputation of having great customer service within your target market.

5. Using social media to reach customers

You can use social media to promote your organisation. However, it is also a valuable tool to help you gain better insight by listening to your existing customers and potential customers.

To help you to stay relevant you can listen to your customers by reading their comments as it will give you an idea how you could make them feel more satisfied with the products and services that you are offering.

By listening to what your customers are saying about you on social media you can better understand their behaviour. It will help you to find ways on how you can better meet their needs and increase their satisfaction when using your products and services.

When you monitor your customers' behaviour on social media, it can help you to identify keywords that they are using when discussing your products or services. You can use the keywords to run targeted advertisements such as Facebook or Google advertisements.

The keywords are also helpful as you can use this information to produce relevant content such as blogs and videos that address the topics which your customers are interested in.

You can use social media to help you in monitoring the trends that appeal to your target audience which can assist in improving the level of your customer service and product offerings.

Social media can also help in building your business profile which is one of the ways you can potentially attract new customers.

6. Attend networking opportunities

It is essential to allocate some time in building your network as you can potentially grow your business not necessarily based on what you know but in terms of who you know.

By networking, it provides you with an opportunity to build relationships with other people who may refer customers to you through word of mouth which is one of the helpful ways in growing a business.

Networking events allow you to connect with others who could help in building your business such as finding potentially good quality employees and new customers.

Through networking, you could meet investors that may be interested in providing some funding to assist in growing your business.

7. Host networking events

When you host your event that provides networking opportunities for your customers it could serve as a way to help them build better relationships with you.

For example, you can invite some of your best customers that you currently have. You can then encourage them to bring some friends. It could be a way for people to share their experiences when using the products and services that you offer.

8. Support the local community

You can generate greater brand awareness through your local community as a way of attracting new customers for your business. You could consider becoming a sponsor or being a participant at a community event as a way of building the profile for your business.

9. Monitor marketing activities

It is useful to monitor your ongoing marketing activities to better understand how well your strategies are working. Be prepared to do a continuous experiment and keep adjusting your marketing initiatives to assess if your activities are working or not.

The ongoing monitoring of your marketing activities will assist in helping you to focus more time on strategies that are providing you with the best results. Once you know which initiatives are working well, make a note of it so that you can use the same tactics repeatedly.

If strategies failed adjust your marketing activities to eliminate it and move forward in growing your business much faster. By adjusting your marketing initiatives quickly on an ongoing basis, it will assist in helping you to remain relevant to your customers.

To remain relevant to your customers, it is important to continuously refine your marketing approach. It is essential to focus more on performing those activities that bring satisfactory outcomes.

Over time, you will progressively notice positive improvements. However, it will require you to remain patient and be flexible. You will need to work on overcoming any obstacles that you encounter in a timely manner so that your business could perform better.

10. Undertake continuous learning

To assist in successfully growing a business it is important to have good quality employees. By building an effective team with highly engaged employees as well as a high-performance culture it will help in ensuring your business survive and thrive.

To keep employees motivated it is important to give them a sense of purpose by holding them accountable to contribute towards achieving the company's goals which encourages them to work harder.

When employees understand the company's higher-level goals and objectives they would feel like they belong to something bigger than themselves. By having a high-performance culture with a strong brand presence that gives employees a sense of belonging, it can assist in attracting high-quality staff to your organisation.

When employees feel that they are being heard through team-building activities, for example, it could help encourage them to perform much better individually as well as collaborate on various tasks with others such as participating in brainstorming sessions.

It is beneficial to encourage and send employees to attend training programs and seminars to continuously improve their current knowledge so that they could develop better capabilities and contribute more towards growing your business.

11. Investing in yourself

It is important to invest in yourself to help your business to grow. Your ability to redirect the revenues back into the business will help in accelerating your business growth. It is essential to invest the funds back into the early stages of the business to grow your company more quickly.

By planning for the future it will help you to feel more secure as your business evolves when you set a strong foundation in place. When you experience business growth it will be easier to adjust if you have planned and anticipated possible scenarios as you grow your organisation.

12. Get business loans

To take your business to the next level, you may need some additional resources to help fund your company's growth strategies. If you need to get small business loans to achieve your plans in growing your business you can consider obtaining external funding from financiers, banks or investors.

The external funding such as business loans could assist in helping you to better manage your short-term and medium-term cash flow requirements as you grow your business.

13. Focus on revenue sources

By focusing on the customers you already have it could help minimise the pressure of having to acquire a lot more new customers continuously. You could consider implementing a referral partnership program or a customer loyalty program.

Perhaps you can find ways to develop marketing strategies based on customers' previous purchase history to encourage repeat business and get referrals from them through word of mouth.

It is important to focus on your established target market and revenue sources when you are trying to get funding from financiers, banks or investors.

If you emphasise with the lender that there is a large existing target market for your products and services the financiers may be more likely to approve your business loan application to help fund your company's growth strategies.

14. Be flexible

To successfully grow your business it is important to have the ability to change directions quickly based on the changes in market conditions. By having a flexible and agile approach to product development and your company's strategies it will help in growing your business more quickly.

When you are prepared to adapt and make changes quickly, you can test different business approaches to assess what works best. Over time, certain business strategies may fail.

However, if you learn from past experiences by assessing what did not work well and you keep going you could eventually reach your company's strategic goals by growing your business.


In conclusion, there are various ways on how to grow a small business. However, growing a small business to become a much larger organisation can take time. You need to become adaptable to changing circumstances and be flexible when planning your business growth strategies.

It is also important to be prepared to continuously learn, keep making adjustments to your strategies and continually adapt to changing market environment and customer needs to stay relevant to your target market.

The 14 tips outlined in this article can help in improving your chance of survival and to help you build a thriving company as your small business grows into becoming a much bigger organisation.

You can transform your organisation from a small business into a large company over time if you keep going in overcoming any obstacles you may experience as you pursue your organisation's growth strategies.

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