Advisory Boards

Establish an Advisory Board designed for business leaders and watch your business grow!

advisory boards

The MAUS Advisory Board uses the proven 7-step Your Business Success framework that has been mastered for over 20 years to build a high-performance business.

Benefits of an Advisory Board

  • Clear direction resulting in less stress
  • Improve profitability and business value
  • Good decision-making and accountability
  • Exit readiness and best practice framework
  • Access to a global network of advisors, opportunities and expertise
  • Work towards a better lifestyle
  • Instant credibility for your business
advisory boards
advisory boards

The Advisory Board credibility could help you to:

  • Gain finance from banks or venture capital.
  • Win new contracts with large companies.
  • Impress distributors or overseas contacts.

Choose the expertise you need throughout each stage of your business cycle.

Having expert advisors means that you could access information from strategic, accounting and marketing advice to HR, QA, OHS/WHS right through to venture capital, bank financing, mergers and acquisitions.

Our Advisors range from highly connected academics in Malaysia, to venture capital experts in the Middle East to highly respected consultants in the USA and professionals across Australia and New Zealand.

How does the MAUS certified Advisory Board work?

The MAUS certified advisory board is a flexible and relatively inexpensive structure.

The board gives you the benefits and expertise of a high level employee operation with a low budget.

You simply decide the size and nature of the board.

The board can grow as and when you need further expertise by adding additional certified advisory board members with expertise on a specific area based on your business requirements.

advisory boards

What is the MAUS difference?

MAUS continually develops innovative but practical based business solutions.

MAUS is an established worldwide publisher of software and management systems with a global network of business advisors that primarily help small to medium-sized businesses.

MAUS Certified Advisory Board partners have access to the complete array of MAUS software and management systems that have been shipped to over 60,000 companies around the world.

The MAUS Business Systems is trusted by industry leaders

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